BEFORE & AFTER: THE BEST OF 2013 Here Comes the Night


The first blog of the new year gave me writers block. It is hard to let go of 2013. It was a stand out year. It gave birth to Arcade Fire's, "Here Comes The Night Time" and almost 100 other noteables on WFUV  listener pole list. Democracy endorsed is an idea I can stand behind.

For the record another few favorites to come off my list:

  1. Midnight in Harlem: Tedeschi Trucks Band
  2. Song for Zula: Phosporescent
  3. Unbelievers: Vampire Weekend
  4. Out of My League: Fitz & The Tantrums
  5. Let's Be still: The Head & The Heart
photo 2
"The days turn into months the months turn into years. So just for a moment, let's be still"--The Head & The Heart I'm listening right now. Its night. I do my best writing at night but I am most creative at thinking in the morning.  Let's Be Still is the idea that every year is as great as the year before. It is always going to be good so take your time. Love, laugh and love. That's what I say and play games.


The 2014 blog stays still with the same format. In the middle,  comes the sell. Buy Keep me employed as an interior designer and writing. The Backgammon set is one-of-a-kind. Vintage. Buy it now. You won't find it at this price point and rarity again. PERIOD. photo 1 The Iphone also works for #selfies. #Welcome 2014. It is go to be here. Among the trends froecasted:
  1. Painted Nail Art
  2. Custom Furniture, Interior Design
  3. Individualized Self Expression Through Social Media
  4. Reuseable Engery
  5. Telsa Automobiles
photo According to, Telsa Motors was on the bigger stock-market winners last year, "rising from $33.87 on Dec. 31 2012 to $150.43 on Dec.31 2013-a whopping 344 percent gain in only 12 months".  I did ask Santa for this one. Hey, maybe next year. photo copy In the meantime for the year ahead, dare yourself to do something new. I plan to cook  more, work on my book, my television show, my company and my love life. I leave you with a quote as I always do. Some things, even as time passes stay still. This is from Elon Musk, a true champion of future thinking. "I think life on Earth must be about more than just solving problems... It's got to be something inspiring, even if it is vicarious"--Elon Musk

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