Talking Tigerlilys Show #3 Weekend Warrior:
  • Atlanta Bound: I loved my visit to Atlanta. It is a design mecca filled with an eclectic mix of old world charm and contemporary flare.
  • St. Regis stood out as an example of progressive Atlanta with traditional roots. We loved the front foyer and the light fixture that with its grand illumination set the stage for a sophisticated experience. 
Baby Shower & Nursery Biz
  • Parties can be overwhelming but a very exciting opportunity to create a one of a kind look that guests will rave about long after they leave; tip: Start with a theme. For Felice's baby shower which we talked about on the show we chose barn animals. We were able to get inexpensive cards at Michael's in the dollar section. to add pizzaz we printed custom colorful inserts with information on where, when, what, etc
  • To dress tables, Betsy suggested and found new bed sheets at Walmart with a kids cowboy theme. With that fabric we were able to get 4o napkins and had left over fabric to trim the chairs and add a table runner
  • For the babies room, BK and Sammie said its not necessary to stick with the old pinks and blues. A great look can be achieved in greens especially if you don't know what you are having. Tip: Don't be afraid to use higher end, sophisticated or vintage fabrics if you have the financial flexibility. Those fabrics mixed and matched with small motifs like animal prints, checks or stripes bring back child like charm!
Talking Heather Jervis:  Jervis Chair Before Jervis Chair After   Beach House Blues:  
  • We sounded off on an spread in the May 2009 issue of Architectural Digest, The showcase, Toast To Simplicity we found just a little to simple, especially as a Martha's Vineyard summer getaway. Neutral colors and wood framed chairs took away from the cozy feel we like to envelope at the beach. 
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  Summer Sun: 
  • Orange is the new pink this summer. Tip: Don't be afraid to incorporate the color in everything you do from small decorating accents like throw pillows and summer serving plates, to clothing and even painted toe nails!
  • Summer Bronze out of the Sun??? Tip: We love the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion with added SPF15!

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