Tigerlily’s Tip: Lacquer Look For Less

Dresser Before

The Lacquer Look For Less

In an economy of savings, the decorating diva still has resources! Take the above dresser, a fabulous find at a local consignment store. I was immediately attracted to the dresser hardware and overall size and storability of this piece.
  1. There were very few nicks or gauges in the wood and it appeared smooth beneath the original finish.
  • Chose a stripping product. Citristrip paint stripper is one of the very good ones which will make short work of stripping paint and old finishes and has a very pleasant orange smell.
  • Prepare to apply the stripper. Furniture stripping and refinishing chemicals can be very hard on your skin, from drying your skin and causing a burn, stingy feeling to very severe chemical burns and blistering on sensitive skin. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Apply a liberal amount o f stripping product carefully to furnishings with either a brush or a rag. Pay special attention to furniture pieces with carved detail.
  • Let the paint stripper do the work.  It is important to give the paint stripper enough time to saturate piece. All too often, people are impatient and quickly try to remove harden layers of paint after brushing on a stripper. It takes at least twenty-minutes for solution to work.
  • Remove stripping solution with a scrapping knife and dispose of the solution into a garbage bag. After the majority of the solution is off the piece, go one step closer with either sand paper or steel wool to get the remaining paint out of hard to reach grooves.  
  • Lacquer Look After

THE LACQUER LOOK:  Before applying any type of finish to a stripped piece, it is important to make sure all the stripping solution is off the furniture and that it is prepared to hold new finishes. Go over the piece with sand paper to create a durable surface to adhere new finishes.
  1. The system usually consists of a primer, color coat and clear topcoat, commonly known as clear coat finishes.
Consult the paint department of your local home improvement center for the best acrylic resin paint to produce the desired effect. Once you've selected paint and color be sure to select a clean area to begin the process. Wet paint attracts debris in the air which can potentially leave an uneven finish on your piece. One word of advice, start small. It can be a very time consuming process and one that demands careful attention. If you bite off more than you can chew you may be disappointed by the results. That's the lacquer look for less and one more Tigerlily's Tip!


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